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Importance of Regular Checkups

Date Added: August 10, 2010 07:39:30 AM
Author: DesiDieter
Category: Health
An apple a day may have been the key to keeping the doctor away, but with ‘prevention being better than cure’ in today’s world, a regular check up should be first among your list of ‘things to do’. Staying healthy isn't just about diet and exercise. Preventative medicine experts recommend a few more steps to keep in tip-top shape. A health check together with a medical history can be used by your doctor to assess your general health and well-being. Health checks should not be reserved for when you are feeling unwell. It's important to have checkups as often as your doctor suggests, even if you feel fine. Many serious health problems do not have symptoms, and are only found during an exam by your doctor. For example, high blood pressure - which leads to heart attack and stroke - is known as a "silent killer" because most people don't have symptoms. Preventable causes of death, such as tobacco smoking, poor diet and physical inactivity, and misuse of alcohol have been estimated to be responsible for 900,000 deaths annually. Other benefits of regular checkups include: * They help you build a relationship with your doctor. You may be more likely to seek medical care when you're sick if you have a doctor you know well. Some people feel uncomfortable if they have to seek care from a "stranger." * Diseases like diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, heart diseases are better treated when diagnosed at an early stage. * People who see their doctor regularly are more likely to take steps to improve or maintain their health. Screening tests are one of the key pieces of the preventive health puzzle. They can often help detect disease before it advances further and causes damage. And, some diseases can even be prevented if certain risk factors are found during the screening. Even businesses and health plans are realizing the benefit of preventing employees from becoming ill: It saves money in the long run. While chronic conditions require costly treatment and often cause an extreme loss of productivity to the national work force, there is an opportunity to save in the long run with preventive medicine. Such an approach aims to treat conditions before they become chronic problems, saving time and money for patients. For More Info>>http://www.desidieter.com/article/importance-of-regular-checkups.html
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